small changes = big wins

What would you like to change? How many of you stayed in the cool and watched the Common Wealth Games earlier this month?  England finished with a record 176 medals – 57 of them gold – at Birmingham 2022.  An amazing achievement and a fantastic event hosted by the...

Too hot to sleep in the heatwave?

As the heatwave continues and temperatures are set to reach a record high of over 40C this week, most of us might think the coolest place to sleep at night would be under the stars. Sadly that's maybe not that practical or possible, so I have got some tips for you to...

Motivational May

What keeps us motivated?  What motivates us in the first place?   And how do we find that motivation when we are having a bad day? Motivation is very fickle! Firstly it’s important to remember that motivation is a VERY fickle friend.  It will be there in...
Stress awareness month

Stress awareness month

 April is Stress Awareness Month so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some stress relieving ideas with you. it’s all about community and helping each other The theme of this year’s Stress Awareness Month is all about COMMUNITY.  Studies have shown,...

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