TOP TIP No. 1 FOR 2024

Make yourself accountable if you want to make a change.  

Firstly apologies for not sending out a Christmas blog, I came down with the dreaded lurgy a few weeks before Christmas.  I would like to report though, that because of making myself accountable on here in November and stating that I would have Christmas wrapped up by the beginning of December – I actually did it!  Maybe not all wrapped but definitely well under control and sorted.  Making yourself accountable really does work. So follow this tip and tell someone what you want to achieve, what your goal is, what your intentions are, and then you are much more likely to make it happen.

TOP TIP No. 2 FOR 2024

Make a list of the good things

January is traditionally a time of reflection and new beginnings and better habits.  It’s always good to reflect and take time to see what positive things have happened over the past year, even if you feel 2023 was not a good year there will be ALWAYS be something that you can be proud of, things that went well, silver linings on a situation, lessons learned.  It’s also a time to decide what you would like to change and improve on for the following 12 months. 

 I woke up on Monday and thought  ‘Same old, same old…nothing’s any different to this time last year.’  And then I got a grip, and reflected on my year and realised I had made quite a few big, positive changes.  I had achieved things I’ve never done before. Organised a 90th birthday party for my mum and gathered family from around the country and reconnected. I put myself out of comfort zone and survived.  And although my day to day life might be quite similar to 12 months ago –  I had achieved a lot.  

So try this tip – you might find you’ve achieved more than you think in the past 12 months.

And it may not just be achievements, you may have done something important for someone else, someone may have done something for you that was above and beyond, you may have lost something or learnt something upsetting but gained something far more valuable in the process – resilience, strength, courage or self worth.  

TOP TIP No. 3 FOR 2024

One thing at a time

I’m not a massive fan of New Year Resolutions, we often give ourselves too many things to change, begin or stop.  And January is not a kind and conducive month for eating lots of salads, getting up in the dark to exercise or investing in a new fad. It’s too cold, too dark and cash is tight after Christmas.

Also when we give ourselves lots of goals, we can start off very enthusiastically for a few days, and then our motivation or will power can wane, and one small interruption can throw us off track really easily and we give up on all of them – resulting in feeling a failure.

If this sounds like you, my tip of ‘one thing at a time’ could be perfect.  

Choose one thing that you would like to do. Maybe choose from one of the 3 positive principles I tell all my clients about to increase their mental health well-being, or maybe improve your sleep routine (which will have a knock on effect on so many things):


Resolution: Repeat one positive affirmation daily.

How to Achieve: Do it in front of the mirror during your morning routine.


Resolution: Write down one thing you’re grateful for each night.
How to Achieve: Keep a gratitude journal by your bedside.


Spend more time with your family.
How to Achieve:  Plan one meal a week where everyone sits down around the table together, and phones are left in another room.


Resolution: Check in with a friend or family member once a week.
How to Achieve: Set a reminder on your phone.


Resolution: Spend 10 minutes learning a new skill each day.

How to Achieve: Use online videos or apps for short daily lessons.


Resolution: Read for 15 minutes before going to bed.
How to Achieve: Keep a book on your bedside table.


Resolution:  Be more active
How to achieve: Take a short walk during your lunch break or before work.


Resolution: Read for 15 minutes before going to bed.

How to Achieve: Keep a book on your bedside table.

(my personal favourite and one I started 3 years ago and still do religiously)

Action: Be tech-free at bedtime.

How to Achieve: Charge your phone outside your bedroom at night.

These are very quick, very easy and very do-able tips for changes you can make.   The key is just do one of them to start with for a while, and when you start noticing the benefits you will feel more inclined to add more changes, one by one. 

Of course you may have one’s of your own that resonate more and fit better with what you want to achieve – whatever it might be, just do one thing differently. 

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and stress-free 2024

PS. If you need help making bigger changes, or there is something that is stopping you from being the better version of yourself, or you just need someone to talk to…. you know where I am. 

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