5 ways to deal with feeling overwhelmed

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ARE YOU feeling overwhelmed?

As I write this blog, it’s about 5 weeks to Christmas, that’s roughly 40 days.  Not that I mean to panic anyone, but time is a-ticking.   

If you are at all like me, then every year I think I’m going to be more organised, more on the ball, and that I will get everything literally all wrapped up by at least the end of November. But, if you are also anything like me, even with the best of intentions, I always seem to be sorting things out right up to the wire. 

But, this year I really am going to be more organised.  
I, 100%, mean it this time.  
I am going to avoid feeling overwhelmed and slightly out of control.

So I thought I’d share 5 ways to beat the feeling of being overwhelmed.  And these can be applied at any time of year, because overwhelm doesn’t just save itself for December, it can be there at anytime in our lives.

The main problem, when we are feeling overwhelmed, is that it then leads to procrastination. Procrastination then leads to feeling panicked and stressed which by default leads to feeling even more overwhelmed.  We therefore find it hard to actually finish anything because we find it so hard to even start.  Or we simply have too many things on the go at the same time. Sound familiar? 

How to overcome overwhelm


If you are feeling totally overwhelmed then give yourself one thing to achieve each day.  The key to this tip, is to make sure that you keep that ‘one thing’ really, really simple.  Our brain doesn’t know if the task we are undertaking is a big job (decorating the whole house) or a small job (clearing out one cupboard).  

That sense of achievement we receive when we complete any task, the reward neurotransmitter dopamine, makes us feel great, and it can give us the impetus to do more.


Realise that no one cares as much as you so that you are able to lower your expectations Remember that perfection is overrated. Lowering your expectations and realising that no one cares as much about every detail as you do can alleviate unnecessary pressure. Give yourself permission to embrace imperfection.


I heard this on a podcast recently with Michael Heppel – if someone asks to do something, you don’t need to give a long explanation or excuse of why you can’t or  don’t want to do it. Or worse still, agree to something you know you don’t have the time or maybe the inclination to do. Instead simply say “Thank you so much for asking, I’m unable to help / attend this time, but do let me know how it goes”.  You’ve declined politely and clearly and you don’t need to go into any more detail. 

So, embrace the liberating magic of saying no. It’s okay to decline additional commitments and prioritise your well-being. By setting boundaries, you free up time for the things that truly matter.


 Not all tasks are created equal. Take a moment to categorise your list based on importance. What needs your immediate attention, and what can wait? By identifying priorities, you’re setting the stage for a more focused and organised approach.

And you don’t have to be a one-person show. It’s perfectly acceptable to delegate tasks to those around you. Whether it’s a family member, a colleague, or a friend, sharing responsibilities fosters a sense of teamwork and allows others to do things for themselves without always relying on you. 


When we are feeling panicked and overwhelmed our breathing often becomes shallow.  And trying to breathe deeply in this state is quite hard.  But if you make it a daily practice and do a few moments of deep breathing, you can literally draw on this when you need it most.  So do it when you don’t need it, so it can help you when you do need it. 

Just make sure when you are breathing deeply and slowly that your
out breath is longer than your in breath.  For example,  breathe in deeply for 5 and then breath out slowly for 7. 


… one last thing, ask yourself does it really matter?  

We can very high expectations of ourselves and others, and this can put unnecessary and extra pressure on us.  We may think people are expecting perfection, but really they don’t actually mind if it isn’t perfect.  If the brussel sprouts are a bit soggy and you forgot to add the bacon … does it really matter, does anyone really care?  

Probably not! 

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