The Huge Importance of Sleep

by May 14, 2020Mental Health, Sleep0 comments

The Importance of Sleep

I recently took part in a talk to a health and well-being group I belong to about the importance of sleep. 

I discuss why sleep is so important for our physical and mental health, how to improve sleep with ‘Sleep Hygiene’ tips and a quick and easy self-hypnosis technique that can help you fall asleep if you are lying awake at night.

Amanda Thoden van Velzen discusses the importance of sleep, sleep hygiene and provides techniques and resources to help you fall asleep; an important, immunity supporting state of mind and body.

Sleep Tips

Two-thirds of us are not getting the right amount of sleep every night, if you are one of those struggling then the tips in this video could really help you.  Sleep is always the first thing I look at with new clients because when we are stressed and anxious we cannot sleep, and when we are not sleeping it creates stress and anxiety, however, this vicious circle that can be broken. 

For more help if you’re struggling to sleep please have a look at how I could help.

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